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New study reveals self employed happier and healthier

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People who are self-employed believe they are better off.

If you have ever thought about becoming your own boss a new study may help you make the leap.

Fresh-Books just released, in 2019 self-employment in America report reveals that free-lancing people believe they are better off.

The results were based on a study involving 3,700 full-time American workers.

70 percent of those polled reported having a better work/life balance than when they worked a traditional job.

54 percent said they were happier and healthier.

55 percent of freelancers said they earn more now than when they worked a traditional job.

40 percent said they worked fewer hours now but were more productive.

And when asked about going back to working a traditional job, 96 percent of people who worked for themselves said they had no desire to return to the workforce

to see the complete results of the study click here.



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