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More luxury cars are resold within the first year of purchase

TUCSON – Most people who buy a new car hope to hang on to it for a while.

According to a new study only about three and a half percent of new
cars are given up within a year of being purchased.

But some cars are resold more often in year number one than others.

Here in Tucson, The Subaru WRX leads the way with 9.5% being resold in the first year after purchase.

Followed by the Fiat 500 at 9.0% and the Dodge Challenger at 7.6%

Nationally, eight of the top 10 models are luxury brands.

With 7.9% of BMW owners selling their cars within the first year.

Followed by Porsche, 7.6% and Mercedes-Benz, 7.4%

For the full results:

Paul Birmingtham

Paul Birmingtham

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