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More luxury cars are resold within the first year of purchase

TUCSON – Most people who buy a new car hope to hang on to it for a while.

According to a new study only about three and a half percent of new
cars are given up within a year of being purchased.

But some cars are resold more often in year number one than others.

Here in Tucson, The Subaru WRX leads the way with 9.5% being resold in the first year after purchase.

Followed by the Fiat 500 at 9.0% and the Dodge Challenger at 7.6%

Nationally, eight of the top 10 models are luxury brands.

With 7.9% of BMW owners selling their cars within the first year.

Followed by Porsche, 7.6% and Mercedes-Benz, 7.4%

For the full results:

John Overall

John Overall

John Overall has been working in local news for more than 30 years including 12 years in Tucson and two years in Phoenix. John currently anchors News 4 Tucson at 5, 6, and 10 alongside Angelique Lizarde.
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