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Are Democratic communities seeing an influx in migrant drop-offs?

TUCSON – Local migrant shelters in Tucson are seeing a surge of migrants. Organizers say they are running out of space.

This comes on the heels of President Donald Trump recent tweets stating that undocumented immigrants will be dropped off in sanctuary cities and states.

In previous tweets, Trump called the people seeking asylum “gang members and drug dealers of all shapes and sizes.”

“Let’s put some of those people into their [Democrat’s] communities and into their towns and see if they then are okay with that same impact,” Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary said on Fox News Sunday.

President Donald Trump now says that his proposal to send migrants to so-called sanctuary cities is taking effect. Do you support this proposal?

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NBC News reported that the White House has denied that Trump is targeting areas run by Democrats.

Meanwhile back in Pima County, where the majority of voters were registered as Democrats in the last election, area shelter volunteer said they have seen an influx of migrants seeking asylum.

Tucson is not a sanctuary city, but one local shelter reached full capacity Sunday with around 480 families staying the night. Volunteers said they had to turn away 80 people.

“We keep hearing that Border Patrol and ICE are just going to continue to drop them off,” Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Councilman Ward 6 said. “Tucson happens to be the target for a lot of different political reasons and quite honestly, this is not a political issue this is a humanitarian issue.”

The councilmember said he is hoping the mayors of Arizona will lobby Gov. Doug Ducey to declare a state of emergency.

“We can generate some federal dollars into the city of Tucson to help take care of things such as space capacity food clothing and shelter,” Kozachik said. “Ducey can do that if he just sets aside the politics.”

Charity Freeman

Charity Freeman

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