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UA law professor, author weighs in on Mueller report

TUCSON — Andrew Coan is an author and a law professor at the University of Arizona who specializes in special counsel investigations.

“The attorney general has a lot of discretion about how much to disclose,” Coan said of the highly anticipated Mueller Report. “The public is virtually unanimous in its support for full disclosure of the Mueller Report.”

As Congress waits to get briefed about the contents of the probe, just how much is disclosed, could set off another battle entirely.

“Potentially court battles and certainly political battles between Barr and Congress about how much of the Mueller report Congress and the public get to see,” Coan said.

The Mueller investigation consumed the better part of two years.

“It’s actually relatively short compared to other comparable investigations like Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton,” Coan said.

Coan very closely watched the special counsel’s investigation for the book he authored, “Prosecuting the President.” It came out in January.

Coan believes the fact Robert Mueller was able to complete his investigation in these politically divided times and despite opposition is a victory for the American people.

“It is vitally important for any democracy that it possess the capacity to conduct a serious and thorough investigation of wrongdoing against it’s senior leadership,” the U of A law professor said. “It matters a lot that our institutions were capable of conducting that kind of investigation under the extraordinary strain they’ve been under for the past two years.”


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