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Tucson City Council to vote on dockless e-scooter draft language

TUCSON – A couple of weeks ago, the Tucson City Council voted for a 6-month dockless, electric scooter pilot program.

Even though it passed, there is still a chance the scooters get knocked off.

The pilot program passed 5 to 2.

The council will be voting on the draft language on Tuesday, during their regular meeting, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Councilman Steve Kozachik of Ward 6, who voted against this, says there is still a chance they could scrap it altogether.

“I think it would be a great way for people to start getting outside more, instead of just relying on their cars,” said Jacqueline Duran, Tucson resident.

“I would use them,” said Zar Arias, Tucson resident. “I’ve used them a lot in California when I’ve visited and they’re fun.”

Several people, News 4 Tucson spoke with, say they are excited about the possibility of dockless electric scooters rolling into Tucson. But Councilman Kozachik says they are going to be a nightmare for his ward, which covers downtown.

“If any of the other council members, including the mayor had this in their ward, they’d have a different perspective on it,” Kozachik said.

The scooters will primarily be downtown. They are dockless, so people can leave them anywhere. Kozachik worries they will be dangerous and that they will clutter the area.

He says though council already approved the 6-month pilot program, there is still a chance the council could change their minds.

“Well my hope is that enough of the council members have gotten enough emails from constituents that they say this is just a bad idea and we just make it go away,” said Kozachik. “We don’t have to re-draft it. We’ll simply tell these companies you’re not welcome in Tucson.”

If City Council does pass the draft, the next step is choosing two companies. Kozachik estimates the 15 hundred scooters should arrive in Tucson around May or June.

NBC 7 San Diego reported that a man died on Wednesday in San Diego on a dockless electric scooter. He crashed into a tree while riding one of the scooters, making it the first E-scooter fatality in San Diego. There have been other crashes in cities across the country.

HERE is the draft pilot program that council will vote on Tuesday.

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