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Hotel Congress plans for amphitheater

TUCSON – Officials at Hotel Congress are planning a major renovation for the Tucson landmark’s outdoor plaza. Those plans include a new amphitheater for concerts, shows, and rallies.

“We’ve already been doing this with our sort of temporary setup but thought it’s time to expand,” explained the hotel’s entertainment Director, David Slutes. “We’re the only place in town of this size to have an outdoor venue, and Tucson could really use one.”

The hotel is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and officials said the plans would fit with the building’s historic nature.

“The architectural plans have been made. We’re now just talking to the city, we have some historical reviews to look at,” said Slutes.

Slutes said downtown’s economic boom was a big factor in the $500K plan.

“We’ve always been here, a couple venues have always been here,” he said. “But now the restaurants, the scene, the people- it’s just expanding to the point where we think we can put up a 750 capacity venue up for everyone. We know it’s going to be filled.”

Officials are hoping to complete the project by next year.


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