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Nurses, doctors provide health care to asylum seekers

TUCSON — Around 80 migrants came to Tucson’s Benedictine Monastery on N. Country Club Rd. Saturday, a midway point on their journey to begin a new life.

After the migrants were dropped off and checked in, doctors and nurses got their vitals.

Sonia Torres with National Nurses United is an RN from San Antonio.

Nurses like Torres are part of the organization’s Registered Nurse Response Network.

She spent her weekend giving flu shots and treating asylum seekers mostly for colds, coughs and flu-like symptoms.

“There have been people that have started their trek as early as mid-December,” Torres said. “And, I think that’s probably mind-blowing to me.”

This is a mission dear to Torres’ heart.

“I am the daughter of a migrant,” she said. “My father came here when he was 13.”

“The reality is we are one big human family,” family medicine physician, Dr. Anna Landau said. “The fact that people are treated so differently because of how, where they were born how they were raised is such a disheartening thing.

The shelter acts as transitional housing for one to three days before the asylum seekers go to various states to be with their host families.


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