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Millions of Americans skip work the day after the Super Bowl

TUCSON – You may have noticed some of your co-workers didn’t show up on Monday.

That’s not surprising, every year millions of American’s skip work on the Monday after the SuperBowl.

A number of recent surveys have found an estimated 14 million Americans take the day off, or call in sick the day after the big game.

According to a survey by Office Team, 27% of employees have skipped work altogether after the Super Bowl, while another 32% showed up later than usual.

And many employers aren’t happy with those employees. According to surveys commissioned by about one-third of employers said they follow through with their employees to see if they’re really sick, and 22 percent of have actually fired an employee for faking it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all those workers who call in sick, or mosey in late, are costing their employers more than $3 Billion dollars.

Paul Birmingtham

Paul Birmingtham

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