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Tips for staying healthy and motivated in the new year

It’s a new year, so many people are trying to shed a few pounds or eat better. However, staying motivated can be the most challenging part. Experts at offer some practical ways to help you stay motivated and get your diet back in shape.

First, make a shopping list and stick to it. By creating a list and taking it with you to the store,  you are less inclined to wander down the snack aisle!

Secondly, plan out your meals. Not only is planning your meals smart, but it prevents you from eating out, since you already have food in the fridge. Additionally, if you’re not careful, eating out can lead to overeating.

Next, drink plenty of water. Whether you are out to dinner, at a friend’s house, or at work, always choose water when you can. Water is proven to be an effective weight loss tool. In fact, consuming water 30 minutes prior to a meal can help you feel full, which helps you eat less.

Lastly, be careful with coupons and deals. While they can help you save money, it may cause you to buy items you would ordinarily reject just because you can save money with the coupon.

Follow these tips and hopefully this will help you stay motivated and have a rewarding new year!


Lauren Moss

Lauren Moss

KWWL News Anchor and Multimedia Journalist
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