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Grieving mother seeks justice for missing son

WILLCOX – Kari Diring last spoke to her son, Valentino Molina, nine months ago.

He’s been missing since the beginning of April.

“I don’t know what happened to him,” Kari said. “I don’t know if he suffered, I don’t know if he laid there in a ditch. And then I feel like I’m his mom, I’m supposed to save him, you know.

Molina, 20, disappeared from his home Catalina.

“He would never ever go this long without contacting me,” his mother said.

Detective Kurt Dabb with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has been on this case from the start.

Dabb said Molina has a criminal record.

“But he’s somebody’s son, he’s a father himself,” Dabb said. “His family is very concerned.”

In Willcox, two hours south of where her son was last seen, Kari sweeps leaves from the front of her store and does her best to move forward.

“There’s days where I don’t even want to get out of bed because I’m crying and in my dreams I can visit him,” Kari said. “Then, I wake up and he’s not there.”

Detectives have not found a body and need help to try to bring this mother some justice.

“Somebody up there knows what happened to Tino and it’s only going to take is one person to contact us to set us on the right track to finding him,” Dabb said.

“They can write a note, send an email anonymously,” Kari said, “tell us what happened or where he is. GPS coordinates is fine. I just want my son.”

WPTA Staff

WPTA Staff

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