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N4T Investigators: Traffic deaths rising in Tucson

TUCSON – The latest statistics from the Tucson Police Department show that the number of traffic-related deaths went up nearly 15% in 2018.

In all 68 people died on Tucson’s roadways, compare that with 59 in 2017.

The number of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths are also on the rise.

28 pedestrians were killed in 2018, 24 were killed in 2017.

The rise in pedestrian deaths continues a growing trend.

There were 14 pedestrian death in 2015, 12 in 2016 and 25 in 2017.

The number of bicyclists killed saw the sharpest increase. One bicyclist was killed in 2017, four were killed in 2018.

Motorcycle-related deaths saw the biggest decrease. According to Tucson police, 14 motorcyclists were killed in 2017. Seven were killed in 2018.

Tucson city officials have tried to fight back against the growing number of traffic deaths.

City council members voted to lower the speed limit from 35 to 30 mph along a stretch of Pima St near Swan, a special bike ride focused on awareness was held in November, Tucson hosts a special pedestrian advisory meeting every month and memorials to those killed are frequently put up near crash scenes.

Kyle Kiel

Kyle Kiel

Storm Track 7 Morning Meteorologist
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