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PETA files request urging USDA about camel farm in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. – PETA has filed a request urging the US Department of Agriculture not to renew the federal Animal Welfare Act license for Yuma’s camel farm when it expires on December 6.

Photo: KYMA-TV

According to PETA, the farm has been cited for over 20 violations, a dozen of which they say are repeat offenses.

In May, PETA sued the USDA over the agency’s decision to renew The Camel Farm’s AWA license in 2017, a case that’s ongoing.

“The Camel Farm has shown time and again that it either can’t or won’t provide the animals in its custody with even basic care, let alone the quality of life that they deserve,” PETA Foundation Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Delcianna Winders said. “PETA is calling on the USDA not to give this rundown roadside zoo the green light to continue neglecting and endangering animals,” PETA said.

In response to PETA’s allegations back in March, Cassandra Standley, the owner’s daughter said the allegations made by PETA are false and misleading.

“I do feel like they are misleading. I live here and I help take care of my animals. I do know from what I’ve seen in the pictures that some of the pictures are taken at certain angles where you can’t see the shade structures. If you have questions you need to come and ask. You shouldn’t assume things. Just like what they say, ‘you cant judge a book by it’s cover,” Standley said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was written by Elly Morillo, KYMA-TV

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NBC News

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