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Campaign signs: When will they be taken down?

TUCSON – As you hit the roads this Thanksgiving, you may notice no more political signs – or at least that is what the city hopes.

Tuesday is the last day for all the signs to be picked up. Tucson Code Management Assistant Laurie Pumphrey said most campaigns are good about abiding by the rules and picking up their campaign signs before the deadline. For any signs left behind, the city will pick them up.

“We actually have a really good relationship with the campaigns we keep up communication,” Pumphrey said. “We’ve never had to enforce this with any campaign in the past and I’ve been doing this for 14 years.”

Any signs picked up by the city will be held for 30 days. If they are not picked up by then, they will be thrown away.

“It’s 15 days after the general election, which is going to be tomorrow. What will happen if we receive complaints after that, we’ll open up a case and one of our inspectors will go out and see if it’s out there at the location identified,” Pumphrey said. “We’ll pick it up, hold it for 30 days and if the campaign wants to pick it up we will give it to them.”

While the city does not enforce state law, they will attempt to make sure campaigns are complying.

“Typically we do not issue citations or notices, but we will contact the campaign,” Pumphrey said.


Charity Freeman

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