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County opposes more time to find victims of detentions

PHOENIX (AP) — Maricopa County is opposing a request to give Latinos who were illegally detained when then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio disobeyed a court order six more months to apply for taxpayer-funded compensation.

The one-year period for filing claims is scheduled to end on Dec. 3, but immigrant rights advocates have said more time is needed to locate those who were illegally detained when Arpaio disobeyed the order to stop his traffic patrols targeting immigrants.

Lawyers for the county said the attorneys who filed a racial profiling case against Arpaio were the ones who originally suggested the one-year application period.

A judge had ordered Maricopa County to create a $500,000 compensation fund as a remedy to Arpaio’s acknowledged disobedience.

Of the 93 people who filed applications, only one claim totaling $1,095 has been paid.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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