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Today’s Talkers: a big unclogging; Monsoon mania; a skeletal DUI

In Today’s Talkers…

Not all heroes wear capes

Some wear hard hats and vests and wade through flood waters.

A traffic maintenance worker trudged through knee deep water to unclog a drain on a major road in Houston. Heavy rain hit the area Tuesday night causing street flooding all over the city. The clog culprit? Landscaping clippings and pieces of a shredded tire.

The man scooped it out and the water started draining like a bath tub. Soon after, traffic was able to start back up there. A true highway hero.

Monsoon caught on camera

Monsoon 2018 did not disappoint as far as providing incredibly dramatic moments. Many were captured in filmaker Mike Olbinski’s fifth installment of “Monsoon”, the latest edition called ” Monsoon V”. Olbinsky covered over 15,000 miles and shot 85,000 frames of video to capture this time lapse masterpiece. The film is about eight minutes long and you can see it all by clicking here.

Impaired Skeleton

In the spirit of Halloween and with Halloween parties everywhere, police departments across the country were watching for impaired drivers.

One Michigan police department was not afraid to crack down. The Pinconning Police Department posted photos of this arrest.

A “skeleton” was pulled over, and was even given a breathalyzer test, before he was put in the back of the squad car.

The department says the reason isn’t clear, but skeletons tend to act erratically this time of year.


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