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Tucson Meet Yourself: What to expect this year

TUCSON – One of Tucson’s biggest events starts Friday.

Performers, food and culture from all over the world will be in one space.

This weekend, 120,000 people are expected to be in the Jacome Plaza area downtown.

It is one of Tucson’s most beloved festivals. It is a place to experience different cultures from around the world.

Tucson Meet Yourself
Tucson Meet Yourself starts Friday. Photo courtesy of Tucson Meet Yourself.

“All the diverse cultures coming together and showcasing their rich culture, with their food, their performing artists,” said Richard Noel, Stage Manager for Tucson Meet Yourself. “So this is a time where you can come and truly understand different cultures.”

Richard Noel has been a part of the festival for 15 years.

It started in 1974 and has grown each year. This year, organizers were forced to move locations because the number of people in the El Presidio Park area was too much weight for the parking garage underneath.

This year, it will be moved just slightly over to the north side of Stone and Church Avenues, between Congress and Alameda. And on Pennington Ave.

There will be 56 food vendors this year.

“It’s Tucson Meet Yourself, but some people call it Tucson Eat Yourself and I think one of the best parts is people coming to taste different food from around the globe and that’s one of the best parts. The food is delicious,” Noel said.

Plus there are 100 performers and 100 folk artists at three different stages.

“These are performances that we don’t see traditionally in Tucson, so this is something that you shouldn’t miss,” said Noel.

He says it is a fun event for the whole family.

“It’s always an honor to come and learn and meet people of different cultures and heritages and see how they live their lives and see how we can truly come together in this 3 day weekend and celebrate and have fun,” said Noel.

As of Thursday morning, streets are already closed so drivers should avoid the area.

The festival starts Friday and goes through Sunday.

Go HERE to see a schedule of events and more details.

Tucson Meet Yourself organizers do still need volunteers. If you want to volunteer go HERE.

And the festival is free admission.

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