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Attempted south side break-in caught on camera

TUCSON — A Tucson woman believes her south side home is a target for thieves.

Juanita McCune tells News 4 Tucson her house was broken into this spring.

Then, the burglars tried again just a few days ago and were caught on camera.

“In May our house was broken into,” McCune said. “Our dogs were beat up in this attack and they stole many things.”

Only days ago, McCune’s home security cameras caught two boys lurking on her back patio and trying to get inside the house through the doggie door.

“They were wearing gloves and it seemed like they were making their plan,” McCune said.

McCune’s brother alerted the teens they were on camera and the boys ran away.

“Being alone often doesn’t feel very secure anymore,” McCune said. “Everybody should be able to feel safe at their home and currently, I’m not really feeling that.”

McCune filed a police report and now she’s hoping video evidence can help track down whoever did this. If you have any information that can help detectives in this case, please call 88 Crime.

WPTA Staff

WPTA Staff

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