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Active shooter drill in Sierra Vista

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. – An active shooter drill took place in Sierra Vista Thursday, Oct. 11.

The goal of this drill was to help communication between countywide agencies.

The initial call dispatched law enforcement, fire, EMS and SWAT to Joyce Clark Middle School for an active “shooter” inside the school.

First responders are trained on how to respond to tragedies like this.

Students in Sierra Vista are currently on Fall Break, but some volunteered their time to help with the drill.

Sara Knox’s son played a victim and her daughter did the makeup.

She said the more real you make the drill, the better.

“You see even moving a shirt up to a midriff or something and, you really have to do that. You can’t be shy when you’re trying to help somebody,” Knox said.

Sheriff Mark Dannels said this situation was fake, but felt real from experience.

“Last year we had the unfortunate tragedy of a school shooting here in the Sierra Vista area. We had a comprehensive collaborative response from public safety and community. When we saw, which I thought went very well, very well based on our training, pre-training before that incident,” he said. “Though we lost a 13-year old, it’s a tragedy in our community from that. We learned from it and today just takes us to the next level.”

Those who played part in the drill will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses and grow from the experience.

Denice Pelster

Denice Pelster

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