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Protecting yourself from cellular radiation

As the use of technology increases, experts are advising users to be mindful of cellular radiation.

Daniel DeBaun, a former engineer, now works to help protect users from harmful radiation that even cell phone companies are warning their consumers about.

“When you take a cell phone and you have it very close to your head it’s really dangerous. That’s when it’s most dangerous,” DeBaun said.

He says a rise in frontal lobe cancers can be linked to the increase in cellular technology being used.

“It’s not ironic when you see someone who has a cancer of the brain…have…the marks of right where they used their cell phone,” DeBaun said.

If your not ready to hang up the devices. He says keeping a safe distance can eliminate any harm. Even if that means taking the extra steps to charge your phone away from where you sleep.

“If you move one foot away 80 percent of the danger is gone by four feet 98. So the simple thing to do is simply put distance between yourself and the device,”DeBaun said.

As technology advances wireless networks are getting faster. 5G cell phone towers have already started to make their way across the world but as DeBaun says, those towers near homes and schools could have detrimental health impacts.

“100 gigahertz which is about as high as they go with the 5G that’s about 1/3 of an X-ray…We know if you stay in front of it to long you can get pretty seriously damaged,” DeBaun said, “Anybody who lives within a 1,000 feet of a cell tower has an increased rate of cancer.”

He says with a lack of regulations it’s up to the consumer to change their cell phone habits and ask lawmakers to push out more regulations.

Charity Freeman

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