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Abused horses are still in need of help

AVRA VALLEY – The South Side Seven, which consists of six horses and one donkey, were found in critical condition at a home in Three Points back in July. 

They were taken to the Wild Hearts Rescue ranch in Avra Valley. News 4 Tucson checked in with the rescue to see how the animals are doing.

“They are all bouncing back beautifully. The pregnant mares are recovering nicely. They have just a little bit further left to go so we are asking you guys to help push us just a little bit further down the next phase of their recovery on their fundraiser,” owner of Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch Jessica Gray said.

Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch has raised half of their $10,000 goal, but said they still have a long way to go.

“The stuff we did today pretty wiped out pretty much wiped out any remaining funding that we had for them,” said Gray.

The South Side Seven were found in critical condition at a home in Three Points.

The lack of funds are keeping these animals from being adopted in the future.

“Three dentals, Franny’s leg, pregnancy care for the mares and gelding for the boys totals right around $5,000.”

Gray said it costs $100 a day to care for the South Side Seven and it would not be possible without the community’s help.

“We just want to keep their fines flowing and said that they receive the level of care they deserved all along and that they can go out into the community healed, trained, with good babies on the ground, and ready to provide joy to other people, said Gray.”

Ways to donate to the South Side Seven:

Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch Inc

Owner Jessica Gray: 520-661-4522



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