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AZ company works to keep recess, physical activity in schools

TUCSON- Recess is every kid’s favorite subject. It is a chance for kids to run around and see their friends, but recess seems to be disappearing across the country. 

One Arizona company, Core Purpose Consulting, is fighting to keep kids active. 

"One in every 3 children born after the year 2000 will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by the time they’re 18 and that’s across America," said Shane Hesse with Core Purpose Consulting. "They’re supposed to live five to ten year shorter than our generation."

Hesse wrote the book Recess was my Favorite Subject, Where did it go? along with other colleagues. 

They help schools around the country focus on movement-driven learning. 

"We do encourage 60 minutes of physical activity every day and recess provides that opportunity," Hesse said. "If you look at a child’s recess opportunities and say they get two recesses of 15 minutes, then that’s 30 already. Then if you can incorporate movement-driven learning during the curriculum. If you can structure the program to fit the needs of that whole child in 60 minutes a day then you’re really doing the best thing for the child."

They work to structure and program schools to fit this type of activity in. 

"We can incorporate curriculum objectives or health topics right into the classroom," said Hesse. "It doesn’t add anything to your lesson as far as time to prepare, but it does enhance the lesson. So it takes what teachers are already doing a fantastic job in implementing best practices into the classroom."

He believes that when a school has a culture of health and wellness, discipline goes down and test scores go up. 

The Tucson Unified School District has a new recess policy this school year going off of the law Gov. Doug Ducey signed in, in April. 

Each school in TUSD must offer two recess periods for kindergarten through 5th grade. 

Each recess period must be 10 mins. or more and P.E. may count towards one of the recesses. This does not apply to middle schools or high schools, but the district says they should receive at least 90 minutes of physical activity a week. 


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