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Town of Marana looking for solutions to treat water, two unregulated compounds found

MARANA, Ariz.– Unregulated compounds were found in two of Marana water’s systems.

The Town of Marana Council is looking into ways to treat its water after two compounds were found above EPA health advisories. The two compounds into question: Perfluorinated compounds and 1,4-Dioxane.

Perfluorinated compounds can be found in stain, water and grease repellant that are used on carpets and furniture. 1,4-Dioxane is used as a stabilizer with chlorinated solvents, paint strippers, greases, waxes, and cosmetics.

The compounds were found in the Picture Rocks and Airline/Lambert systems. 

University of Arizona Associate Professor of Environmental Health Services Dr. Paloma Beamer says these compounds are man-made. 

The two solutions the council is discussing are diluting the impacted water or developing an advanced water treatment approach for each system.

Dr. Beamer says there still needs to be more studies and research done on other ways people can treat their water at home and the compounds’ effects.  



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