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What’s Driving You Crazy?

With street flooding tearing up our roads, and summer construction projects, something must be driving you crazy!

One News 4 Tucson viewer told Allie Potter that an eastside intersection has her, hitting her brakes.

The intersection at Golf Links and Houghton is what’s driving you crazy.  Deidre writes in and says, “Why did the intersection go from a leading left turn to a lagging left turn and then back to a leading left turn?”

It was part of an experiment ahead of the Houghton Road Improvements Project. They put left turn signals in all four directions, where there is usually just one, northbound.  They waited a little while since it takes time for traffic to stabilize after change.

“We added three additional left turn heads, one for east, west, and southbound and we implemented the lagging left turns as we do in most places and what we discovered is that it didn’t work very well.”

Traffic Signal Operations Manager Paul Burton says drivers expect the left turn to come after the thru, and after some traffic modeling they made a decision.

“We were better off with the leading left turn on Houghton for both northbound and southbound than we were with lagging left turns.”

For now, the intersection will stay as is and the city will re-evaluate it as the Houghton Project moves along.

What else is driving you crazy? Got a traffic question or concern?



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