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N4T Investigators: Flood Flaw

TUCSON – Some homeowners believe their neighborhood was not designed to handle monsoon storms.

Tom Wallace’s house flooded during a storm last July.

"There’s clearly something wrong with how this was planned," Wallace said.

He lives in the Sentinel Shadows neighborhood near ‘A’ Mountain. His home was built in 2006, around the peak of the housing bubble.

“Was anything being inspected?” Wallace asked. “I don’t know what happened with that process.”

Another woman filed a notice of claim against the city for her damages. She said there is no infrastructure to divert water around her house, which was also built in 2006.

Michael Ruse just stepped down as the HOA president. He said it was a 100-year storm that could not have been predicted.

“The infrastructure would have had to be completely changed and revamped,” Ruse said. “Nobody could have foreseen it.”

The storm was powerful, but he also said the private streets should have been built with a different slope more than 20 years ago. He thinks city inspectors or the developer might have made mistakes.

The HOA hired a hydrologist and spent $13,000 on improvements.

“It will be dramatically different this year,” Ruse said.

The city did not make anybody available for an interview on the inspection process in time for this report’s deadline.



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