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Northwest Medical Center now offers robotic joint replacement

The medical field has come a long way. A hospital in Tucson is making huge strides in its surgery department. 

Northwest Medical Center is now offering robotic joint replacements.  

It is a way to make joint replacement more efficient. The demand for joint replacement is rising, so this will help patients get a more accurate surgery. 

Plus it does not cost extra.

With the robot, surgeons are able to be more accurate and precise. 

"The robot will tell you if you’re half to one millimeter off of your place, which in our world is unbelievable," said Dr. Petrow, DO. "We’ve never had this kind of technology before."

But we have seen mistakes in other robots, like self-driving cars. Dr. Petrow says this is different because it is robotic-assisted, meaning semi-automated. It is meant to help the surgeon be more precise.

"As much as I could try to push the robot off course or off target, it will physically not allow me to do that, so the robot is actually a really helpful safety feature," said Petrow. 

It uses a virtual 3D model of the patient’s knee or hip so the surgeon can create the patient’s plan before stepping into the operating room. 

As the demand for joint replacement goes up, this will help. 

"Every person’s CT scan and every person’s anatomy is different, so now we have the ability with the robot to really match components alignment position to try to reconstruct the patient’s anatomy to better suit them," said Petrow. 

The cost of the robot will not make your bill go up either because Northwest already purchased the robot. 

"Very rarely does something come along in your career that really changes how you do your job," said Petrow. "I’ve seen a lot of technology come and go in orthopedics in the last 18 years, but the robotic technology to me is the most exciting thing that I’ve seen and has the most potential to really change what we can offer patients and do for patients long-term."

Dr. Petrow is the first surgeon in Tucson to offer the direct anterior approach for total hip replacement using the robotic system. 



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