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Tech Tips: Tech for your pet

Have a pet?  Then you need pet tech. Tech Contributor Quincey Hobbs has some ideas.

For many people, pets are a member of their family and caring for them can be challenging at times. So this week we’ll look at some of the best tech for pet owners. 

Many people find inventive ways to keep their pets engaged while they’re away from home during the day. The litter-robot is a self-cleaning litterbox that helps cat owners remove the fear of returning home to a full litterbox. The "Dart Automatic Rotating Laser Cat Toy" will pique your cats’ curiosity and have it chasing the laser and becoming active in your absence. Not to be outdone, the "Pebby Smart Ball" is an orb that owners can remotely control to communicate and interact with their dog. This can be done in real-time and the smart ball can be set to auto play mode which can keep your dog moving while you’re away.

Both the "Furbo" and "Petcube" provide you a means to monitor your pet at home and interact with them in a different manner. Not only can you see and speak to your pet you can also dispense treats, which will ensure that you have your dog’s attention when you’re not home.

If you need to travel and can’t take your pet with you, then you may want to consider "petsnflats" or "dogvacay". "Petsnflats" describes itself as the AirBNB for pets. There are pet sitters around the world that are seeking to care for your pet while you travel. "Dogvacay" provides pet sitters as well as dog walkers, so you don’t need to be headed out of town to take advantage of "dogvacay".

"Petmio" wants to make sure that your pet is eating healthy. It offers customized meals to help your dog or cat live the best life that it can. While "VitusVet" is an app that keeps medical care for your pet only an icon press away.  You can have medical questions for your pet answers as well as being connected to your personal vet.

Finally, sites such as "Digdates" seek to bring pet owners together. It fancies itself the Tinder for dog owners, but its definitely where you know right away that you have something in common with other members.

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