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Charlie Minn film on migrant caravan to hit theatres

TIJUANA – Filmmaker Charlie Minn, who’s done dozens of documentaries on border-related issues (including many affecting the Tucson-area and Sonora, Mexico region) will be releasing another non-fiction flick soon.  The film is called “Stuck in Tijuana”. Here’s more as-seen-on KVOA newscast:

Film-maker Charlie Minn also produced a documentary that hit-home for many Tucsonans with ties to Sonora and Hermosillo.  News 4 Tucson’s Paul Cicala also worked as an associate producer on the project in Hermosillo, Sonora that told the in-depth story of the 49 children that were killed in a daycare center fire.  The Name of the documentary, which also aired in Tucson Theatres, is called: “49 Angels”.  Here’s more:

Film-maker Charlie Minn & KVOA News 4 Tucson Paul Cicala worked on a documentary in Hermosillo, Sonora -Mexico- on the daycare center fire that killed 49 children.

A documentary on one of the worst tragedies in the history of Mexico debuts Thursday in a film that has a direct impact on scores of residents here in Tucson


Paul Cicala at memorial in downtown Hermosillo, Sonora (Mexico). Memorial pays tribute to the 49 children who perished in a daycare center fire.

49 babies were killed in a 2009 day care center fire in Hermosillo, Sonora. A lot of people from Tucson were directly affected by this tragedy. The seven-year anniversary of the fire is on June 5th (AKA “El Movimiento de 5 de junio).  The film “49 Angels” opens on June 2nd at the Screening Room in downtown Tucson.

Filmmaker Charlie Minn, who’s had a number of documentaries air here in Tucson, said he made the film “49 Angels” to represent all the fallen babies and their devastated families and friends.

“With so much violence in the world, so many cities have developed their own scars,” said Minn,” In Tucson, it’s the mass shooting on Jan 8th, 2011. In Hermosillo, it’s the fire in 2009, no question. I don’t see an end to any of this as we have so many bad people in the world.”

Minn continued, “Was this an accident or a deliberate act to destroy paperwork at an adjacent warehouse to cover up government corruption?  Nobody is in jail today for this horrific fire.”

In the film, Minn goes in-depth through interviews with family members, wounded children and others to discover the truth behind the 2009 ABC Daycare center fire.

Here’s another local tie: KVOA News 4 Tucson Reporter & Anchor Paul Cicala played a role in the filming of the documentary, and is listed as the film’s “Co-Producer” in the film credits.

In addition, Hermosillo native and longtime Tucson resident Iram Rascon (husband of NBC sister station Telemundo’s reporter Paola Blumenkron) is listed in film credits as a photographer on this project.

The website for the new documentary is

The trailer can be viewed on the link above

Daniel Winn

Morning Anchor

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