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N4T Lifesaver: Wallace named pool fence giveaway winner

TUCSON (KVOA) - With this being our 12 annual News 4 Tucson Lifesaver, it's all about the ABCs of water safety. In light of our event, we want to introduce you to our latest Protect-A-Child pool fence giveaway winner!

"We know he's going to start crawling soon, so we need to be ready now," Elizabeth Wallace said.

For Tucson mom, Elizabeth Wallace, and her husband, keeping their eight-month-old safe is now top priority.

"I knew that when we were having our little one, or when he was on the way, that we needed to start preparing for this, especially having our own pool," Wallace added.

Elizabeth told the News 4 Tucson Lifesaver, a child drowning incident in her extended family several years ago means water safety, especially when it comes to the little ones hits close to home.

"Maybe it's just not something that everyone thinks about, but I think because I did have an experience, you know, with family encountering that, it's always there, it's one of the things that's in the forefront of your mind," she added.

"When you have the little ones, yep they will disappear quickly and get in the pool and you can't hear them under the water. So the barrier is necessary to keep that from happening because you can't hear screaming - it's a silent thing," said Christopher Brandford of Protect-A-Child Pool Fence.

Brandford wasted no time installing the barrier to help this family's little one safe.

"This gives me a ton of peace of mind. I think it looks wonderful. Beyond my expectations," Wallace said.

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