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Mom of drowning victim shares importance of water safety

TUCSON – Stephanie Maynard knows first hand what it means to lose a child in a drowning incident.

“What can we take out of this tragedy? For us it was sharing her story and letting people know that it can happen to anybody,” said Maynard.

Maynard said back in 2011, she was pregnant with twins when her 6-year-old daughter, Kathleen drowned during a family pool party.

“In the time they went from having hot dogs to cake, she went back into the water,” said Maynard. “That’s all the time it took.”

Losing Kathleen made Maynard come to a realization.

“Pools are a reality. Water is a reality,” she said. “We wanted to make sure we made a more informed decision for our daughters. We came across ISR and just fell in love.”

The mother enrolled her three other children into ISR, also known as Infant Swimming Resource.

Helping to teach children as young as six-months-old how to roll onto their backs in a pool and save their own lives.

“Our children need to know these skills if there is going to be a pool in the family,” said ISR Instructor, Genna Aho.

In memory of Kathleen, Maynard is now a water safety advocate. She continues to remind parents the A in the ABC’s of water safety is paramount.

“Adult supervision is by far the most important aspect,” she said. “It’s not saying once you teach a kid, you can let them go. That part needs to happen most of all.”

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Angelique Lizarde

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