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Hittin’ the Trails 4 You – Four dog friendly trails

Today we’re hitting the trails…with our furry friends!

Here are four hiking spots that greet pets with open paws:

Catalina State Park
Entrance to the park is $7, but the trails are excellent and the views are stunning.  If you’re lucky, your dog may get a dog treat at the entrance area.

The hike to Romero Pools at Catalina State Park is about four miles. You’ll start at the trailhead parking lot and cross Sutherland Wash, which flows seasonally. The first mile is a relatively flat and easy walk, so you can bring the dog with you up to this point. However, beyond this mark, the hike will become steep and rocky, and dogs are no longer allowed. Hikers say this hike takes around three to four hours round trip.

Directions and a trail map to Romero Pools can be found here.

Tortolita Mountain trails
Located in the Tortolita Mountains, the Wild Burro Trail is well maintained and has several signs along the way. The trailhead leads users northeast into Wild Burro Canyon, allowing access to a variety of other trails.

The trail is a fairly easy hike, but it will get more difficult as you choose other trails along the way.  These trails climb to as high as 4300 feet.

A trail map and directions can be found here.

Sweetwater Preserve
This hiking spot features 9 miles of hiking and a bunch of different trails to choose from.

Located on the west side, this trail is well maintained and offers a beautiful landscape of saguaros and wildflowers.

This spot is also great for families and is rated easy in skill level.

Keep in mind, bike riders love this trail as well, so you may need to step off the trail at times to let bikers pass. Additionally, this trail is in the direct sunlight so make sure to go in the early morning or evening hours.

A trail map and directions can be found here.

Mount lemmon
Dog permitted trails include Butterfly, Green Mountain, and Aspen Loop.  If it’s winter, your dog may get to enjoy the snow.

Mt. Lemmon’s Butterfly Trail is about a 10-mile round trip hike that offers incredible views. Weave through ponderosa pines and Douglas firs, and check out the San Pedro Valley below.
Keep in mind, there may be a few steep areas, so this is considered a moderately difficult hike.
A trail map and directions to Mt. Lemmon’s Butterfly Trail can be found here.


Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie Weaver is a weather anchor and reporter at News 4 Tucson.

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