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Hittin’ the Trails 4 You: Sweetwater Preserve

Looking for a hiking spot this weekend…that’s dog friendly? Then you may want to hit the trails at Sweetwater Preserve.

This hiking spot features 9 miles of hiking and a bunch of different trails to choose from.

Located on the west side, this trail is well maintained and offers a beautiful landscape of saguaros and wildflowers.

This spot is also great for families and is rated easy in skill level.

Keep in mind, bike riders love this trail as well, so you may need to step off the trail at times to let bikers pass.

Additionally, this trail is in the direct sunlight so make sure to go in the early morning or evening hours.

An added bonus is that it is dog friendly! Just make sure to keep you pet on a leash.

A trail map and directions can be found here.

Lauren Moss

KWWL News Anchor and Multimedia Journalist

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