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Digging Deeper: Getting answers on case of captured cats

TUCSON – We have an update on a story we told you about more than a week ago, it’s regarding a northwest side mobile home that was filled with nearly 30 cats, some of them in need of medical attention. The cats ended up needing to be rescued by Pima Animal Care Center.

Angela Rome and her daughter were walking through the mobile home park when she spotted a cat in the window panting. Rome took a closer look and saw the deplorable conditions the cats were in. She called PACC and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

Rome is going to adopt some of the cats she helped save. She specifically wants the cat she saw in the window because she felt he was the one who alerted her about the horrible conditions they were living in.

Rome tells News 4 Tucson, with everything the cats have gone through, they deserve to be in a good home and the opportunity to have a good life.

Numerous viewers asked if anyone was going to be held responsible for the cats.

News 4 Tucson went to work and tracked down the people who lived there.

It turned out, it’s an elderly grandmother and her granddaughter who lived in the mobile home. The granddaughter didn’t want to go on camera but did say the cats being rescued was a blessing. She said she had to move her grandmother from the mobile home a few weeks ago due to health concerns.

The granddaughter added that she tried her best to take care of the cats, but she works two jobs and goes to school full time so it just became overwhelming.

It’s a situation that sadly is not unusual.

Nikki Reck, public information officer for PACC, says they call people like that “overwhelmed caregivers.” They have good intentions, and there is help available.

Reck added they have the owner surrender options at PACC and they don’t charge for that.

Reck also tells News 4 Tucson, PACC is there to help people and make sure the animals have a good home.

The granddaughter said she is cleaning up the mobile home and will be turning over the keys to the landlord by the end of the week.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo is an investigative reporter. She is part of the Digging Deeper team that uncovers important issues focusing on crime that affects the community.
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