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Digging Deeper: South Tucson dealing with police shortage

The Digging Deeper team wanted to know how the city is dealing with a potentially dangerous shortage of police officers.

Digging Deeper: PCSD disposes over 9,000 lbs of seized drugs

Marijuana seizures are way down while the seizures of hard drugs are way up, according to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Digging Deeper: Retired judge weighs in on Prop 123 controversy

Earlier this month, Federal District Judge Neil Wake ruled against Gov. Doug Ducey on Proposition 123 - a measure that allowed

Digging Deeper: Unanswered questions swirl around Picture Rocks death investigation

A 53-year old grandfather was found dead in Picture Rocks on July 10. 

Digging Deeper: Illegal activities on state-owned land becoming a nuisance for some residents

Over the past several months, authorities have teamed up to launch a major crackdown on dangerous and illegal activity on

Digging Deeper: Tucson city budget break down

The News 4 Tucson's Digging Deeper team uncovered a big chunk of the money they spent came with major strings

DIGGING DEEPER: Convicted felon and murder suspect escapes from Tucson Police

A convicted felon who previously escaped from the Pima County Jail, escaped again. Only this time Noah Pizano was being transported

DIGGING DEEPER: Oro Valley Man pleads guilty to voyeurism

An Oro Valley man admits to taking inappropriate pictures of women.

Digging Deeper: Cartels look to saints of the underworld for protection

It's a world filled with violence and criminal activity. The drug cartels operate in both the U.S. and in Mexico.

DIGGING DEEPER: Neighborhood nightmare as residents face crime surge

What was once considered to be a nice quiet neighborhood, has started to turn into a haven for homeless people. The

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Digging Deeper

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