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Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Alleged terrorists attended Tucson high schools

The Digging Deeper team uncovered the latest documents that involved the arrests of two Tucson men charged with terrorism related

Digging Deeper: Low income residents face housing crisis

A longtime Tucson resident believes she will be the new face of homelessness, and it appears she is not alone.

Digging Deeper: Getting answers on case of captured cats

We have an update on a story we told you about more than a week ago, it’s regarding a northwest

Digging Deeper: Alleged peeper arrested after 13 bathroom videos seized

A man accused of taking inappropriate videos and pictures of unsuspecting women was indicted on nine counts, that included voyeurism,

Digging Deeper: Possible ISIS connection to Tucson

Two Tucson men are behind bars and facing federal terrorism charges.

Digging Deeper

KVOA consistently delivers the stories that people care about, and Digging Deeper gives viewers an in-depth look into the biggest stories affecting the community.
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