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Preventing glasses from fogging up when wearing face mask

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KVOA- Whether you are wearing sun glasses or reading glasses, you probably have had your glasses fogged up when wearing a face mask.

The Cleveland Clinic has simple tips to prevent glasses from fogging up.

First, make sure the mask fits securely over the nose so there is no room for the warm air you are breathing out to escape from your mask and into your glasses. The Cleveland Clinic also recommends to wear face masks that have a nose bridge so it provides a snug fit over your nose.

Another tip is to wash lenses with soapy water and shake off the excess liquid. There is a thin film left behind that acts as a fog barrier, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

If that doesn't work, another tip is to use sports or medical tape to tape the mask down around the bridge of your nose and cheeks. This will help the warm air you are breathing out not escape the mask.

There are also wipes and solution sprays for purchase. Just make sure to check the ingredients so there is no damage to your lenses.

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Priscilla Casper

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