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Getting Answers: Testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies

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TUCSON (KVOA)- Multiple viewers have asked about testing positive for a COVID-19 antibody test, known as a serology test, and if they are able to infect others.

Pima County Health Department Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Carlos Perez-Velez said that several factors come into play when determining the duration during which a person with COVID-19 is infectious, including the severity of disease, how well their immune system is working and whether they have respiratory symptoms.

Dr. Perez-Velez said that for asymptomatic people, who are getting a COVID-19 antibody test to see if they had COVID-19, the likelihood of having an active infection is so low.

"In symptomatic persons, with non-severe illness and without an identified immunocompromising condition, who are getting antibody testing to find out if their symptoms are due to acute COVID-19 illness, and who are presenting on day 9 or 10 of illness, there is a very small chance that they may still be infectious," he said.

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