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COVID-19 patient thanks medical staff with violin serenade

CNN Newsource

OGDEN, Utah (CNN) - A former teacher battling COVID-19 serenaded the hospital staff that helped to treat him in Utah.

Video shows 70-year-old Grover Wilhelmsen, a retired orchestra teacher playing his violin.

What makes this story even more special, he performed in an ICU bed while hooked up to a ventilator.

At the time, Wilhelmsen wasn't able to speak, so he wrote a note to ask his nurse and wife to bring his violin to the hospital.

Staff at the facility in Ogden say they were brought to tears as they watched him play.

Wilhelmsen said he wanted to show his gratitude to the health care workers.

Wilhelmsen's wife says he's been transferred to a long-term acute care facility and is doing well.

But, he's still on a ventilator.

The family is hoping he'll be home for christmas.


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