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N4T Investigators: Tainted justice?

Dozens of Pima County court cases may have been tainted because of a mistake by the county attorney’s office, according to the county’s chief public defender.


N4T Investigators: Border Trash

Scores of migrants are illegally crossing the border and many of them entering the United States through Arizona. Some of those people are leaving behind piles of trash.

N4T Investigators: Daycare bites

Records obtained by News 4 Tucson show that a Tucson daycare at the center of a nationwide story received a growing number of citations over the last several years.

N4T Investigators: Mistaken Identity

Lawrence White was looking forward to seeing his brother-in-law at his wedding. He never made it. Instead Roman Alberto Lopez spent the weekend in jail

N4T Investigators: Defamation decision

Melissa Gee says the pain came from a lawyer’s words. This was after Gee claimed in early October of 2015 that she was raped and beaten by Jesse Bootman, the former dean of the UA College of Pharmacy.

N4T Investigators: Rising utility rates

TUCSON –  Around eight dollars a month, that’s how much more the average Tucson Electric Power customer would be paying under a proposed rate increase.

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