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N4T Investigators: Prescription Fraud

State authorities have launched an investigation over claims that an employee of a local cancer center has been stealing opioids that are meant for patients.

N4T Investigators: Burial Burdens

Carol Schweska’s husband was a Vietnam veteran. As he was dying, she realized she could not afford the burial he wanted.

N4T Investigators: Agents Pulled?

With a record number of migrants illegally crossing the southern border, there is growing concern that the Border Patrol is being stretched to the breaking point.

N4T Investigators: Lawyer & Disorder

The News 4 Tucson Investigators have learned that an Arizona attorney with Tucson connections has been suspended from practicing law. The attorney, Augustine Jimenez III, better known as Augie, has been suspended for 18 months for violating the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct.

N4T Investigators: Highway Hazards

After looking through nearly 70 pages of crash statistics recently released by the Arizona Department of Transportation, News 4 Tucson Investigators have been able to find new information about what’s causing crashes on Arizona’s roads.

N4T Investigators: Costly counterfeits

“I don’t like being cheated and I don’t like seeing other people cheated and if I can prevent other women from having to go through this stupid experience, then, of course, I want to let people know about it.”


N4T Investigators: Rampant robocalls

The number of robocalls that Americans are receiving is at an all-time high, and the illegal calls are costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.

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