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Matthew Schwartz

N4T Investigators: Tainted justice?

Dozens of Pima County court cases may have been tainted because of a mistake by the county attorney’s office, according to the county’s chief public defender.

N4T Investigators: Defamation decision

Melissa Gee says the pain came from a lawyer’s words. This was after Gee claimed in early October of 2015 that she was raped and beaten by Jesse Bootman, the former dean of the UA College of Pharmacy.

Rodriguez on his firing, frustration and family

Rich Rodriguez sounds like a guy who wants to be a head coach again, but when asked how he’s doing, he says, “I’m doing OK, thanks. In a new place, a great new place at Ole Miss, and I’ve been busy working with that and so it’s good to be to back on the grass, so to speak, and get back to coaching.”

Rich Rod speaks out

Former U of A football coach Rich Rodriguez says he’s angry about getting fired and frustrated about how university officials handled his dismissal.

N4T Investigators: Thrown off track

A  former member of the University of Arizona track team says he was assaulted by the coach, kicked off the team and lost his scholarship because he complained about being bullied by teammates. His attorney is threatening at $10 million lawsuit against the UA.

N4T Investigators: Timeshare trouble

Terry Beall’s golden years have been badly tarnished. The 68-year-old east side resident lost more than $63,000 in an alleged timeshare scam.

N4T Investigators: Arizona seniors hit hard by internet fraud

he is too embarrassed to be identified because she lost $100,000  in a government grant scam.  Someone hacked into her Facebook messenger account, posing as a friend,  and telling her she was awarded a grant. The 71-year old widow from Cochise County wired the money to scammers, believing it was for taxes on the grant.

N4T Investigators: Past due

The group that runs the El Tour de Tucson bike race is way behind on a bill from Pima County. Perimeter Bicycling Association owes the county $205,000. That’s taxpayers money

N4T Investigators: Credit control

You can now freeze your credit and place a year-long fraud alert for free. A freeze used to cost anywhere between $3-$10 depending on the state you live in. 

N4T Investigators: Scare tactics

Nina’s Smith’s 79-year old mother received a call recently from a guy saying Nina’s son was arrested for DUI. Nina’s mother, who’s the boy’s grandmother, was shaken, and immediately told Nina about the call.

Generic Solar Panels

N4T Investigators: Solar shuffle

Gloria Perez says she was tricked into leasing solar panels by two salesmen. “I feel very bad about this,” she told the News 4 Tucson Investigators. “You know, it’s not good for them to tell lies when they’re trying to sell something.”

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