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Apollo 11: looking back

On July 16, 1969, the fires of celestial science lifted three men from the surface of the Earth and toward the greatest exploration in human history.

Pushing back against hidden fees

(NBC New) When Consumer Reports recently asked for opinions on hidden fees, they got an earful. “Ninety-six percent said they were annoyed with hidden fees

Storm trauma: new disasters trigger old memories

As the Gulf Coast braces for the arrival of Tropical Storm Barry, experts warn the experience could trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among survivors of past natural disasters.

Taking the sting out of summer

(NBC News) Ticks, mosquitoes and bees provide some of the peskiest parts of summer. Some of those stings can be life threatening. “You should seek

Floodwaters damage historic sub

(KJRH/NBC News) Repair estimates are in for a World War II submarine pushed from its resting spot at an Oklahoma war memorial when floodwaters hit

Cookout tips: safe summer eating

Millions of Americans love cooking out in the nice weather, especially around the 4th of July, but as the temperatures climb so does the risk of food borne illness.

July fourth phone dangers

Fourth of July is the most dangerous time for your smartphone, with drowned phones being the most common complaint.

Summer safety: avoiding dehydration

Emergency room physician Dr. Shabana Walia says heat exhaustion is the most common illness that comes into the ER every summer, and it’s not always easy to realize when it’s happening to you.

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