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What you need to know about Sunday’s super blood moon

TUCSON – An amazing sky show arrives Sunday.

The full moon on January 20th will be a super blood moon total eclipse. Between 8:34-11:51 PM Tucson time, the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow (called the umbra).

Since some sunlight will pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and reach the moon, the moon will take on a reddish tint & not be fully blocked out.

Super Blood Moon in September 2015. Courtesy: BG Boyd

Why will Sunday’s event be dubbed a “super moon”? The full moon earns that label anytime it arrives at the perigee, or its closest point to the Earth during its orbit.

Because of its close encounter with Earth, Sunday’s full moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter.

Not able to sneak a peek outside Sunday? Mark your calendar for May 26th, 2021. That’s when the next total lunar eclipse will be visible, according to EarthSky.

UA SkyCenter will be live-streaming the total lunar eclipse on their YouTube channel. Watch it below or click here.

The current forecast for Sunday evening calls for mostly clear skies, allowing optimal viewing across the Sonoran Desert. Click here for the latest 4WARN extended forecast.

ABC News

ABC News

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