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4 Your Health: Nasal and oral spray shows ‘encouraging results’ to help prevent the coronavirus

NBC- An Icelandic medical company has developed sprays to prevent coronavirus infection.

The company adapted its antiviral spray, already used by hospitals to treat open wounds, for use orally and nasally to prevent COVID-19.

Italian doctors tried the wound spray on coronavirus patients this spring with encouraging results.

The company has spent the summer developing preventative throat and nasal sprays that destroy 99.9% percent of the virus.

New study suggests COVID-19 infection rates low among dentists

A new study suggests COVID-19 infection rates among dentists are extremely low.

Researchers from the American Dental Association surveyed nearly 2,000 dentists from across the country in June.

In all only 20 or less than 1% had either confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19.

Nearly all used enhanced infection control procedures, such as screening for the virus, social distancing and wearing face masks.

Over 70% also reported using personal protective equipment.

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