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4 Your Health: Measles outbreak continues to grow in U.S.

(NBC News)- The measles outbreak in the United States continues to grow.

As of last Thursday, the number of cases reached 1,241, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That’s seven cases more than the previous week. Cases have been confirmed in 31 states.

The CDC says most are among people who were not vaccinated against measles.

Increase of pregnant women with high blood pressure

There has been a huge increase in the amount of pregnant women who have high blood pressure.

Researchers from Rutgers University studied 40 years of pregnancy data from more than 151 million American women.

The rate of high blood pressure in those who were at least 35 has increased by more than 75 percent.

The scientists believe the older age that women are having children may be playing a role in the increase.

The researchers say losing a couple of pounds before becoming pregnant will help lower your blood pressure.

Priscilla Casper

Priscilla Casper

Priscilla Casper is an anchor and multi-skilled journalist for News 4 Tucson. She anchors weekdays at noon and 4 p.m.
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