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4 Your Health: Back to school meals

As summer comes to a close for Tucson kids, health experts have some recommendations for your children’s back to school meals.

Dietitians with the Baylor College of Medicine say your child’s breakfast should always include protein.

Eggs are a great choice because you can incorporate vegetables or a tortilla, which adds more fiber.

For a quick meal, try yogurt with granola or a fresh fruit smoothie. Both have lots of nutrients and will keep kids full.

Protein is also important when it comes to packing lunches.

Experts suggest grilled chicken or low-sodium deli meat along with cheese, yogurt or milk.

Always include fresh fruit or vegetables and choose water over sports beverages or juice.

While it’s okay to pack a small cookie or treat from time to time, keep sweets to a minimum.

When kids get home from school, be sure to have nutritious snacks that will keep them full until dinner.

Some good options are string cheese, cut up fruits and veggies, trail mix or plain popcorn.

Avoid sugary cereal, candy or other foods that are high in sugar.

Another tip from the experts is to take your kids grocery shopping with you and involve them in the preparation of their lunch and snacks.

Priscilla Casper

Priscilla Casper

Priscilla Casper is an anchor and multi-skilled journalist for News 4 Tucson. She anchors weekdays at noon and 4 p.m.
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