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4 Your Health: A connection between sugary drinks and cancer

New research suggests a possible link between sugary drinks and cancer.

The study, conducted in france, tracked the diets over 100,000 adults for 9 years. It showed a three ounce per day increase in the consumption of sugary drinks was associated with an 18 percent increased risk of cancer.

Researchers said sugar in sodas and fruit juice may affect the fat stored around vital organs and cause inflammation. However, they caution this does not mean these drinks cause cancer.

Vaccine safe for moms to be

A new Canadian study concludes flu vaccination is safe during pregnancy.

Researchers looked at over 30,000 children born to moms who got the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in 2009. The kids had no increased risk of cancer, infections, chronic diseases, or death.

They did have a slightly higher risk of asthma but experts say that could be due to other factors.

Educating parents may increase flu vaccinations

Providing parents with a flu fact sheet could increase the number of children who get the vaccine.

That’s according to a new Columbia University study. It showed parents who got a pamphlet about the flu while at their pediatrician’s office … were more likely to get their child vaccinated by the end of flu season. They were also more likely to get the vaccine on the day of their visit.

Only about half of children in the U.S. get the flu vaccine each year.

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney is cohost of Tucson Today, Monday-Friday 5-7 am.
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