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4 Your Health: Artificial intelligence diagnosing cancer

Artificial intelligence may be able to detect lung cancer before radiologists.

Scientists from Northwestern University and Google trained their computer system to assess lung nodules without human involvement. This form of artificial intelligence, called deep learning, was able to identify cancer with 94 percent accuracy. In fact, the model was often more accurate than expert radiologists.

Researchers said these findings need to be confirmed in larger studies.

Steroids linked to infections

Steroids may increase the risk of infection after joint replacement surgery.

Researchers from the University Of Pennsylvania tracked rheumatoid arthritis patients who underwent a hip or knee replacement. They found steroid treatment, especially in higher doses, nearly doubled a patient’s risk of serious infection.

Experts suggest steroids should be limited after replacement surgery.

CBD helping heroin addicts

A new study finds CBD could help heroin abusers kick their addiction. Mount Sinai researchers treated 42 people patients with a placebo or CBD the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. They found CBD significantly reduced their cravings and anxiety when they saw others using drugs. According to the study, the effects of CBD lasted at least a week.

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney is cohost of Tucson Today, Monday-Friday 5-7 am.
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