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4 Your Health: When you eat could kill you


No breakfast and a late dinner may be a killer combination.

Researchers in Brazil studied the eating habits of over 100 heart attack patients. Those who regularly skipped breakfast and ate dinner late at night were four to five times more likely to die, or have another heart attack within a month.

Past studies have found people who eat this way often have other unhealthy habits, like smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.

Picky eating may indicate sensory issues

New research reveals a link between chronic constipation and sensory issues in young children.

Scientists from Northwestern University looked at the behavior of 130 pre-schoolers. Kids with chronic constipation tended to be picky eaters and overly sensitive to noise and light. Experts said toilet problems may be the first hint that a child has sensory issues and could benefit from occupational therapy.

If kids are served more they eat more

Portion control is not just for adults.

A new study from Penn State found pre-schoolers ate more food and calories when served larger portions of meals or snacks. Children who were overweight or obese were especially influenced by larger portions. Researchers said parents should be aware of the amount and variety of the foods they serve.

Calorie requirements differ due to height, weight and activity level but experts said fruits and vegetables should fill up half the plate.



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