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4 Your Health: Young people fatter than ever

NBC News
Adolescents have never been more obese and the numbers are growing.

The health of adolescents across the world is worse than ever before.

That’s according to a new study tracking population and health changes over the past 25 years. It shows an additional 250 million adolescents live in countries with higher rates of disease, violence and inequality. Nutritional health risks like obesity have also became much more common.

In fact, the number of youth who are overweight or obese increased by 120 percent.

Bad news good news about American’s health

A new study on the health of Americans shows some mixed results.

Government researchers estimate that nearly 32 percent of adults were obese last year up from 26 percent in 2006.

But there is good news as well. Fewer Americans are smoking and HIV testing rates have improved.

Be active live longer

Staying active in old age may be the key to a long life.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins tracked the fitness level of more than 6,000 adults in their 70’s.

The most active seniors were twice as likely to be alive 10 years later than the least active. This was regardless of any health problems, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or smoking.

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney is cohost of Tucson Today, 5-7 am, Monday through Friday.
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