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4 Your Health: A wait and see approach to prostate cancer

4 Your Health
Prostate cancer patients are using a watchful waiting type of treatment.

Men with low risk prostate cancer are taking a more conservative approach to treatment.

In 2010, doctors began advocating watchful waiting rather than radiation or surgery for low-risk prostate cancer. Since then the use of that approach has increased by 28 percent and is becoming the most common treatment method.

Surgery to remove the prostate declined in men with low-risk disease but increased among those with more aggressive cancer.

Heart patients in debt

A new Yale study reveals nearly half of patients with heart disease are facing medical debt. And about one in five say they can’t pay their medical bills at all.

Even patients with insurance had financial hardship because of high deductibles,co-pays and co-insurance. About a third of people with medical debt said they have had to cut back on food and needed medications.

Children with mental disorders

Over 16 percent of kids in the U.S. have at least one mental health disorder but only half are getting appropriate treatment.

That’s according to a new study from the University Of Michigan. Researchers also found a wide variation between states. The prevalence of children affected by mental illness ranged from over seven percent in Hawaii to 27 percent in Maine.



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