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4 Your Health: Tragic reason there are more organ donors

The wait list for organ transplants is now shrinking for a very tragic reason.

A new Harvard study reveals the rapid rise in opioid overdose deaths has increased the number of available organs in the U.S. Researchers said right now more than 17 percent of available hearts are from donors who died of an overdose.

The biggest increase in both drug-related deaths and organ recovery has been in the northeast, midwest and southwest.

Weight loss surgery curing diabetes

New research shows weight loss surgery cures type two diabetes in most patients.

Scientists in Denmark followed more than 1,100 adults who underwent gastric bypass surgery. One year later, three-quarters of the patients were in remission from diabetes. And most were still free of the disease five years after their operations.

Benefits of being kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself could actually improve your health.

Researchers in the U.K. monitored a group of students who took part in self-compassion exercises. By the end of the session their heart rates had dropped and they showed a lower sweat response.

Experts said this not only boosts the immune system but may also lower the risk of disease.



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